Fashion Beans: What Foreign Guys Know About Fashion That American Men Don't

Matteo Perin, Fashion Beans

What Foreign Guys Know About Fashion That American Men Don't

If one is right, the other is wrong...but wait, is that really the truth when experts and international men chime in?


Matteo Perin, Fashion Beans, bespoke Italian designer

American men are considered No. 1 in many categories. They’re leaders in the business sector, boasting citizenship of eight of the ten richest people in the world. When it comes to sports and today’s trending music, they reign supreme. But when it comes to fashion, do American men have something to contribute, or is it time they take the backseat and learn from the more stylish regions from around world?

Matteo Perin, an Italian designer, concurs: "Japan is very fashion-forward, and also very intrigued by the history and process behind a bespoke suit handmade in Italy, for example. I find that Chinese, Russians, and Arabs tend to follow name brands. The English are very traditional; Italians are fashion lovers, enjoying the history and style that just flows naturally through their blood. And Americans are the original cowboys."

But it’s not just a physical fit that is important. Perin believes a personality fit is just as important. “I think that the key point in dressing is always that things work well together, and that the outfit complements the person wearing it.”

He continues, saying that American men will best embrace their personal style “by realizing what they can or cannot wear based on their body style, skin colors, and personality—and by finding things that highlight and enhance their persona.

"You’d be surprised by the number of people who will compliment someone who is dressing correctly for themselves."

In addition to Moore and Perin's insight, I had the opportunity to interview a number of men (and some of their wives) from around the world. Here is what they have to say... READ MORE

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