Lee Bailey's Euro Web: Oscar Generale A Global Mogul


Oscar Generale: A Global Mogul with an American Dream


Oscar Generale Productions boasts a growing list of credits that include “Give Ém Hell Malone” directed by Russell Mulcahy with Thomas Jane and Elsa Pataky; “Casino Jack”directed by George Hickenlooper and starring Kevin Spacey & Kelly Preston; “Tokarey” starring Nicholas Cage & Danny Glover: “Yellow” directed by Dario Argento starring Adrien Brody and Emanuelle Seigner: and Adrien Brody BMW Motorrad’s “Ride of your Life” Campaign.

Yet another product placement deal is underway between Oscar Generale and Matteo Perin, a designer from a small town near Verona in Italy.  Matteo Perin is a bespoke fashion House that designs luxurious bespoke wardrobes for international celebrities, business leaders and high-life living individuals who share his love for rich Italian cultural fashion influence imbued into every piece that he creates. His clients have an appreciation for unique customization of style, fashion and elegance and this is exactly what Matteo provides when conceptualizing every item that he designs.  John Travolta and Al Pacino are a few of his esteemed clients and there are many more. His service is completely unique and is a one-on-one private experience for clients who have a passion for bespoke clothing, formal and casual shoes, leisure wear, accessories, travel cases and jewelry. You have the option of a single design piece or the creation of an entire wardrobe for your needs and lifestyle.

Generale’s roster of talent reads like an international who’s who, which makes his global citizenship   invaluable.  Oscar is a maverick for seizing great opportunities that coalesce into an economic melting pot of golden opportunities for diverse cultures.  Mr. Generale is ecstatic about his new art client and talented leather carver Francesco LaRosa. The “Gallucci by Oscar Generale” shoe brand has also been successfully launched in upscale retailers, and production has just been completed on the motion picture “The Music of Silence,” starring Tony Sebastian as Andrea Bocelli.  Don’t miss the video clip “Now We Are Free” from Andrea Bocelli’s new album, which stars Mr. Bocelli, Mr. Travolta and is co-produced by Oscar Generale... READ MORE

Rick Krusky