L'Arena: Matteo, the stylist Veronese that dresses John Travolta

He left school after the eighth grade, giving free rein to his creativity that took him around the world. Back in Italy, looking for work told him that with that diploma he would not find it. Now he takes on John Travolta, not only in social life, but also on the film set. It is Matteo Perin, 34, from Lugagnano di Sona, a designer who defines himself as a "designer of people's lives, from wardrobe to style", and he designs clothes, jewels, bags, scarves, luxury accessories, rigorously adapted to the needs, to the places they have to attend, to the type of trip they have to make.

The designer Matteo Perin with John Travolta PHOTO THORSTEN VON OVERGAARD

The designer Matteo Perin with John Travolta PHOTO THORSTEN VON OVERGAARD

From his creative inspiration came the clothes that Travolta wears in the film «Gotti», by director Kevin Connolly on the Italian-American mobster John Gotti (1940-2002) known for his elegance, and also those that the actor will wear on gala evenings. "Travolta is a special person; I hold him very much. We have been working together for five years, so I know their tastes and I can indulge in creations », says Perin. "But every time it's different: now you need a lot of tuxedos for events. For the film, however, I had to relate with the director and rely on Gotti's life. With us there was also the son ". The latter brought a father's original tie on the set, a black background with a colorful fashion pattern in the seventies, which Travolta wore on a Perin suit.  

I PRESENT YOU TONY MANERO. The meeting with the American actor happened through word of mouth "like for 99% of my clients". "One person told me: I have to introduce you to someone. It was Travolta, and it was exciting. I grew up watching him on TV ... "Saturday Night Fever", "Grease", "Stayin 'Alive" ... »continues Perin, who does not linger over details of clients: an act of confidentiality and loyalty to relationships that squeezes and never leave the personal relationship, a necessary ingredient for this job. "I have worked with many famous people all over the world. It is all about understanding which clothes are best for them and what they have in mind. The aim is to dress them in the best possible way and that they feel good ". Now he laughs at the closed doors in his face ("Then I did not do it") when he presented himself in Italy with only a high school diploma. And to his country he makes a great tribute: "I'm not a tailor, so I use all Italian artisans, mostly from... READ MORE

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